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Kitchen Cabinet Design

Your kitchen is probably your most used room in the house. It's a central place at meal time. Guests tend to gather there when parties are thrown. If walls could talk, your kitchen walls would probably have a lot to say. That's why the way your kitchen looks, and the kitchen cabinet design is so important.

Although cabinets can be made from many materials, they usually are made from wood. The stain that is used on them is applied in such a way as to best show off the grain of that particular wood. Some cabinets are very light golden yellow while others are dark - almost black - brown. Just about all of the woods that cabinets can be made out of can be stained light or dark, but each will take the stain color a little differently. A dark jacobean brown stain will look much different on an oak cabinet than it will on a maple cabinet.

Many people today are choosing kitchen cabinet design that has lots of color. Many people like a brightly colored kitchen and choose the cabinets to match. You can get cabinets in candy apple red or silver gray to match your desire. Even older cabinets are getting an update these days with a splash of color. A new paint job can totally transform even the worst of cabinets.

When thinking about your cabinets, don't forget about the hardware. Not only will you be look at them when you are in the kitchen, you will be using them to open your cabinets. You can get knobs and pulls in many styles. Handles and pulls might require you to put two screws into the cabinets. Long pulls and large cabinets work good Smaller cabinets might go great with smaller pulls or knobs. Pulls and handles are typically installed in the center of the drawer and the lower side of the door on the opening edge. Knobs are sometimes used instead of pulls. Knobs are attached to the cabinet with only 1 screw. They are small and usually mounted in the center of drawers and the upper opening side of cabinets on the ground, and lower opening side of cabinets above the countertops.

Cabinet hardware comes in all different styles and colors. When you think of cabinet hardware, you might think of black, pewter or bright gold colored knobs. Newer options are also available. With todays modern kitchens, stainless steel is a popular choice. For those with particular tastes in say, roosters, there are even manufactures that will make hardware in the shapes of popular items to compliment the decorating that you have done in your kitchen.

Having a good feeling in your kitchen is key. Your kitchen should be comfortable and appealing. And your kitchen cabinet design will add to that comfort when you've put your own finishing touches on them.

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