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  • Home Insulation: Improving Your Energy Efficiency

    Insulation is important as it keeps the temperature in your home consistent. Many factors play a role in the temperature inside your home. Even homeowners who think they have all the home insulation they need may be surprised at how inefficient their houses are when it comes to conserving energy. Make no mistake about it, concerning yourself with energy efficiency isn't just for tree huggers. If you want to avoid spending a fortune on your electrical bill, get money back from the government for meeting certain standards, and generally improve on the temperature of your home, it is something you should strongly consider. Here are some tips to help you get your home well insulated. Determine Where You Are Do you have home insulation already? If not, you'll be starting from scratch and you can make a dramatic change in how energy efficient your house is. A house without any insulating properties is leaking much of its air conditioning and heating. Not to mention what it is letting in from the outside. If you're accustomed to feeling a general blanket of cold or hot air (depending on the season) that you have to force out with your HVAC system, this could be the source of the problem. If you do have some, do you have enough? This kind of material doesn't last forever. Even if you were up to standards when you moved in, it could have degraded to the point where you need an update. Accomplishing the Task There are two primary choices when it comes to installing home insulation. You can do it yourself or you can have a professional company come in and do the installation for you. If all you're looking at is filling in some gaps, the job may be one you can do on your own. If you're starting from scratch, doing a major update, or want to move away from the pink fiberglass material, you may need the aid of a professional company. There are also safety concerns which you may feel more comfortable setting aside by hiring an installation company. Half and Half You may not know whether or not you want to do the job yourself. If you aren't particularly familiar with what home insulation entails, you can always start the job yourself and go from there. Hit the most accessible parts of your attic and re-evaluate the situation. You may find that you have it under control and can easily continue. You may find that you're in way over your head. If so, call a local contractor and get some professional installers to come out and finish the job. #repair #roof #insulation #energy #efficiency Source: Free Articles

  • 5 Home Gym Equipment Ideas If You Have Limited Space

    Having a small room or apartment doesn't mean you need to skip out on exercise, check out these easy home gym equipment ideas if you have minimal space. Let us face it, with the reigning pandemic and lockdowns looming around every corner many of us have taken it on ourselves to start exercising from home. Some by choice, others not so much in the same regard. When you’re a fitness fanatic and don’t know which corner to turn because you can’t go to the gym you’re probably looking for ways that you can exercise at home, for those of us that are doing forms of bodybuilding we probably want some type of resistance training as well that can only come from lifting weights. Regardless of who you are or what your choice is, there are options for us to train at home, even if you have limited space such as a studio apartment. Below is a list of equipment that you could use at home, even if you have limited space and best of all, they don’t cost a fortune. 5 Gym Equipment Ideas You Can Use At Home If You Have Limited Space Adjustable Dumbbells Dumbbells are usually an essential part of strength training and if you’ve ever gone to a proper gym they usually have a whole section entirely dedicated to dumbbells ranging from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. It’s really a gym staple. Adjustable dumbbells are great because you don’t need to have 20 different dumbbells sitting in your home which takes up a lot of space, they are basically like your ordinary dumbbells except that the weight is not fixed. They tend to have a locking system and come with different plates of weights that you can fix to the dumbbell and then lock it. This makes it easy to start with a low number and then work your way up as you build upon your strength training, pretty neat right? Adjustable Kettlebells Much like the adjustable dumbbells, adjustable kettlebells are similar in nature where you can increase the weight range of them and lock them into place. Some of them have a simple system where you just push a button to release the weights and then clip in further sizes, usually in 6-pound increments. Kettlebells are a lot more versatile than dumbbells because you can use them to do things such as goblet squats, as well as bicep curls and various other kettlebell exercises. They’re a great space saver as well as they can just sit in your wardrobe or in a corner. Ab Wheel Rollers You’ve probably seen these around at gyms, people usually look like they’re flattening out the pastry of a pizza base on the floor moving up and down. Those are called ab rollers, they can be used to train your core, hips, arms and back muscles and don’t require much room other than your body size. Skipping rope If you’re opting for a cardio option instead of weights, then a skipping rope is always going to be a staple for any fitness enthusiast. You don’t need much room other than where you’re standing and if your place has a common area like a backyard or courtyard then you can simply take it out with you as it’s very mobile and light without much hassles. As you can see, you can still get an intense workout even if you have limited space with these options. And if you can’t afford any of them yet, then you can focus on the good old basics of callisthenics such as pushups, situps, jumping jacks and so on. Stay hard! #home #gym #fitness #sports Source: Free Articles Marko Rakic is a trail runner and fitness enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He is the lead writer for The Ultimate Primate and believes the best way to live a happy life is to take a holistic approach to fitness and health.

  • Saltwater Aquarium Fish

    The saltwater side of the aquarium hobby has all sorts of saltwater fish available to hobbyists these days. You can pay anywhere from $3 for a Green Chromis all the way up to $3000 for a Gem Tang. Saltwater fish come in all sorts of shape, sizes and colors and there will definitely be a species or several that catches your eye. It's very important to research any and all species that you want to keep before you even consider setting up a saltwater aquarium. There are several factors to consider when researching the saltwater fish you're interested in keeping. Let's start with the basics. Adult size, temperament (behavior) and diet. These are the three most important things to research before laying down that hard earned cash. Adult size - many saltwater fish stay quite small (blennies, chromis, gobies, etc.) and some can get extremely large reaching almost a foot or two in size or larger as adults. Triggerfish, groupers and the large angelfish species are some of the first that come to mind that often outgrow aquariums. Temperament - some species are somewhat docile and will do fine with many other species. Some saltwater fish will do fine other species but may have issues when they are kept in the same tank with conspecifics (fish from the same species) or even when kept with fish from the same family. Some fish only want a small territory to claim as their own and some need larger areas to claim territories and for swimming room. Diet - since saltwater fish are not raised in captivity to the same degree as their freshwater counterparts, many are coming straight from the ocean and have developed a taste for live foods. Getting some species on prepared foods like pellets, flakes or even thawed foods can be challenging. Getting your saltwater fish eating is one of the most important first hurdles to jump over. Start by offering the pellets and flake foods. If they don't accept these foods move on to thawed marine origin foods. If that doesn't work move on to live foods. Once you get them eating you need to slowly wean them onto a primary diet rich in the nutrients they need. There are foods designed for different eaters, whether they are primarily carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. Read what other hobbyists have to say regarding how challenging it is to get the particular species eating. If you're reading that people are having a really hard time don't think that you'll be any different. Maybe it's best to leave that species in the ocean or until they become captive raised. Once you have a good idea about the characteristics of the fish you want to keep you may find out that you can't meet it's needs. You may even uncover new species that you didn't know about before you began your research. There are several saltwater fish species that I'd love to keep but refrain due to their track records in aquariums. Some saltwater species just do not make the transition all that well and until they can come up with more specialized foods I'm totally fine leaving them in the ocean. To get you started on your research I'll list some of the more popular groupings of saltwater fish and inverts below. This is just a quick fly by to hopefully help you narrow your search for finding species you might be interested in keeping. The bigger the fish, the bigger the tank you are going to need and also the more money you will spend in the long run. With so many saltwater fish species available you should have no trouble narrowing down the species you want to keep. Make the research fun, read several sources, make stocking lists and enjoy planning your saltwater aquarium! Mike is an editor at FishLore. Designed for beginners, FishLore provides tropical fish information, how-to guides, articles, fish profiles, FAQs, forums and more! Article Source: #pets #aquarium #fish #home

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  • Forum | Home Ideas Choice

    FORUM To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Login / Sign up Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Create New Post General Discussion Share stories, ideas, pictures and more! Views Posts 3 Follow Questions & Answers Get answers and share knowledge. Views Posts 0 Follow Building Codes Building Codes & Requirements. IBC. Have a look around and join the conversations. Views Posts 1 Follow New Posts SiteAdmins Jul 11, 2021 Welcome to the Forum General Discussion Sign up and share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, #hashtags and more to your posts and comments. Get started by commenting below. 0 comments 0 0 SiteAdmins Jul 11, 2021 Introduce yourself General Discussion We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to sign up and say hi to the community in the comments! 0 comments 0 0 SiteAdmins Jul 11, 2021 Forum rules General Discussion We want everyone to get the most out of this community, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines: Respect each other Keep posts relevant to the forum topic No spamming 0 comments 0 0 Forum - Frameless Note: Only registered members can use 'Forum' service. Free registration here . ​

  • BATHROOM | Home Ideas Choice

    The best bathroom is a blend of streamlined appliances and finishes such as the toilet, sink, shower or tub, as well as accessories like storage baskets, shelving, mirrors and wall, ceiling and floor finishes and lighting. The bathroom furniture and decor can add to your bathroom the perfect look and comfort. ​ Whether you're completing a full bathroom remodel or a simple update, our bathroom design ideas will give your space a fresh look. ​ Designing your bathroom, review pictures and photos are a great way to get a feel for different bathroom styles and layouts, which can help you decide what you want. BATHROOM LATEST IN BLOG On-Demand Water Heating from Efficient Tankless Water Heaters 5 Amazing Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks Radiant Floor Heat: It Warms Your Soles But it Doesn't Empty Your Pockets Design Tips For Your Master Bathroom Useful Remodeling Ideas Looking for reliable suppliers for your bathroom? Check out our... Bathroom Furniture, Accessories & Decor Suppliers RELATED PRODUCTS Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 5-Layers Shelf Price $89.95 Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 4-Layers Shelf Price $79.95 Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 3-Layers Shelf Price $69.95 Quick View Multifunctional Storage Rack Side Table Espresso Price $32.95 Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 5-Layers Shelf Price $89.95 Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 4-Layers Shelf Price $79.95 Quick View Natural Bamboo Bathroom 3-Layers Shelf Price $69.95 Quick View Multifunctional Storage Rack Side Table Espresso Price $32.95 Tip: Use our Quick Links to find out more... Shop Furniture & Decor for Living Area Shop Country & Traditional Style Furniture & Decor

  • Bedroom Suppliers | Home Ideas Choice

    BEDROOM FURNITURE, DECOR & LIGHTING SUPPLIERS BlanQuil™ Mattresses, Pillows, Blankets, Decor. Service area: USA, Canada Visit website Coyuchi Each Coyuchi piece is designed with care and consideration and made of 100% organic cotton only. Service area: USA Visit website World Market Furniture, Décor, Dinner and Kitchenware. Unique artisan goods and handicrafts, international food favorites and design inspiration for furniture and home décor. Service area: USA Visit website Artemest Luxury craftsmanship: Furniture, Decor, Lighting. Unique Italian furniture: Italian coffee tables, sophisticated cabinets, dining tables and bookcases, expertly crafted by the finest artisans in original designs and precious finishes. Service area: USA Visit website Serta® Serta® has pioneered sleep innovation for more than 90 years, bringing quality products to more than 150 countries worldwide. Every bed across the Serta® portfolio is designed to provide superior comfort, including the award-winning Perfect Sleeper® and iComfort® collections. Service area: Worldwide Visit website Cuddledown® Save on breathable bedding, temperature regulating comforters, cool sleepwear & more! Handcrafted down and synthetic bedding from Maine. Service area: USA, Canada Visit website You may also like: Living Room Furniture, Decor & Lighting Suppliers Kitchen Suppliers

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